Why Choose Yacht Management South Florida, Inc.?

Choosing a yacht management company to take care of your vessel is serious businesses. Yacht Management is a Florida home grown Yacht Management company with a difference. Our Fort Lauderdale marina is located in the heart of the South Florida yachting scene, in one of the yachting capitals of the world.

This is why our customers choose us.

Why Choose Yacht Management?

Every boatyard in the world is going to claim they are the best at everything they do, and why not? All these businesses take pride in their services, in their products and in their people. So, the real question is: what makes yacht management different from all the other Fort Lauderdale marinas, and marinas around the world?

How Yacht Management Began 

Florida local boy makes good.

The story of Yacht Management is the story of Joshua Kerrigan, founder and president of the company. Josh opened his first yacht maintenance company when he was 15-years old, it was a success and Josh loved what he did every day.

The idea to make Yacht Management what it is came to Josh very early.

I started Yacht Management as a result of my first job pumping fuel at a Marina in Pompano. A gentleman in the marina had a Sea Ray and offered me $20/week to keep an eye on it.

That soon progressed into here’s $200/month can you keep an eye on it, wash it, make sure everything’s working ok, etc. He was my first client. I saw an opportunity with 49 other boats in the Marina to duplicate a similar program.

I noticed all the subcontractors coming and going (divers, contractors, detailers, etc) and thought to myself: why don’t I create a plan that encompasses all these things and streamlines all the above into a monthly maintenance program, that would make it easier for the owner. One thing turned into another and here we are today.”

He worked on yachts for most of his life, eventually becoming a talented captain, managing crews of up to 25 people.

Josh’s goal was to do what he loved every day and his energy and infectious attitude laid the foundation of what would become one of the largest marinas in Fort Lauderdale. His abilities as a captain has ensured Yacht Management’s strength and direction.

What Yacht Management is Today

As of 2018, Yacht Management is one of the largest and most successful marinas in South Florida, providing services to clients from all over the world.

  • Everything is done in house
  • 82 full time employees, not independent contractors
  • Dedicated yacht management
  • Yacht payroll/software/accounting services
  • Trip planning and full logistics for client comfort

Any job Yacht Management undertakes is performed by Yacht Management crew. We don’t outsource; we do everything in-house. We have our own part department that kept fully stocked. No waiting for parts for a week and shipping in new parts from the other side of the world.

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