Nov 20, 2011

Discussion About Yacht Crew Management

Joshua Kerrigan of Florida has worked with yachts for most of his life. In fact, he opened his first yacht maintenance business when he was just 15 years old. Joshua Kerrigan of Florida does more than just maintain and repair yachts, however. He’s also a talented captain. As part of his work, he’s managed crews as large as 25.

Most yachts require more than one person to operate. These vessels can be incredibly large, Joshua Kerrigan of Florida says, and many people must work together effectively to steer the vessel away from danger and stay on the proper course. Sometimes, crews know one another and have worked together for many years. Other times, they have never met one another before, and they rely on a strict system to help them divvy up tasks.

When a yacht is moving at high speeds, Joshua Kerrigan of Florida says you don’t have time to think about who is in charge of what task. Instead, you need to know what your responsibilities are and you need a clear chain of command. On a yacht, a captain like Joshua Kerrigan of Florida determines the course, manages the navigation and speed, and shouts out commands in a crisis. A captain like Joshua Kerrigan of Florida is the ultimate boss here, and the rest of the crew knows to accept the commands without question and they do the tasks they’re asked to do without complaint.

Joshua Kerrigan of Florida enjoys standing at the helm of a yacht, and he enjoys managing a crew to help the voyage go smoothly. He’s an effective leader, who is well respected by the crews he manages. It’s no wonder that the work of Joshua Kerrigan is in high demand in Florida.

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