May 11, 2012

Captain Joshua’s New Contender Boat

Joshua Kerrigan is boat shopping, and this man knows boats. The President of Yacht Management, Inc. is excited to be buying a new 27-foot Contender boat in the next couple of months. It’s no surprise that when Kerrigan decides to purchase a watercraft he looks for the best in craftsmanship. Kerrigan knows quality work when he sees it. Having personally serviced hundreds of yachts in his young lifetime, he knows who makes a good boat and who doesn’t. The fact that Kerrigan chooses Contender simply makes sense. Contender is known for taking a traditional, “hands on” approach to boat craftsmanship. Pairing this perspective with top of the line modern materials and components makes Contender products truly exceptional.

A big fisherman, Kerrigan is excited to take his new 27-foot Contender out to the Bahamas this summer for some good fishing. Growing up with the sea, Kerrigan’s love for fishing is something he’s always enjoyed pursuing when he has the opportunity to do so. Having the ability to enjoy the full sun and beautiful water found in the Bahamas makes all the hard work Kerrigan puts in at Yacht Management, Inc. and his other ventures all the more rewarding.

Taking his own boat out for recreation reminds him continually of the importance of providing first class maintenance service to customers. As any boat owner knows, as soon as one problem is addressed, more will arise. It’s simply the way things go with nearly all watercraft, even the well-built ones. Even non-boat owners know that boats are somewhat notorious for being maintenance hassles. Though Joshua Kerrigan sees a wide variety of these types of issues on a daily basis in his professional life, he thinks that experiencing similar problems with his own boat will keep him even more vigilant in taking care of others’ yachts!

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