Jun 29, 2014

Florida, Boating and Wildlife

Some people head to Florida to catch a glimpse of the state’s spectacular bird populations. Pelicans, flamingos and other colorful birds are easy to spot, and they sometimes prove irresistible to tourists. Other people choose to search for rare turtles, tasty fish or creepy alligators that lurk near the shore. While all of these sights may be easy to see from a boat in Florida, Captain Joshua M. Kerrigan, EMT-P, urges people to use caution on these sightseeing tours. Both humans and animals can be injured after just a few moments of inattention.

According to Captain Joshua M. Kerrigan, EMT-P, many people try to operate boats close to the shore so they can capture good pictures of the animals residing on the shore. This can be a terrible decision for a few reasons. For starters, according to Captain Joshua M. Kerrigan, EMT-P, many boats can run aground in these conditions and the lurching caused by a suddenly stopped boat could cause people to fall or otherwise become injured. In addition, many birds use sensitive marshes in order to lay their eggs and raise their young. Churning through these areas could cause massive destruction that could be disastrous for these animals.

Captain Joshua M. Kerrigan, EMT-P, also says that operating a boat at high speeds near the shoreline can cause large waves of water to hit the shore and those waves can drag huge amounts of soil back to sea. This sort of erosion isn’t needed and can be avoided. Backing a boat into a riverbank can also cause erosion, Joshua M. Kerrigan, EMT-P, says, so people should use approved docks and boat ramps instead.

By paying attention to fish and wildlife, and operating boats in a safe manner, Captain Joshua M. Kerrigan, EMT-P, says that both people and animals can stay safe and everyone can enjoy their time on the water.

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