Nov 15, 2016

Custom Yacht Refits

Yacht refitting is not a case of ‘if’, but rather a case of ‘when’. The truth is, your vessel is exposed to the harshest environment imaginable: the sea. Though you can’t choose when your yacht needs refitting, you can choose the boatyard you want to work with. You will likely build a relationship with the marina that you find to perform your custom yacht refits and yacht maintenance services.  Ready to choose your preferred marina? Here’s some advice from Yacht Management:

Why Custom = Excellence

Custom yacht refits tell you two things about the boatyard you are working with. First, you are going to save money and get the most work done for the price you pay. Standard packages for yacht maintenance services will only get you so far and the prices are set. However, it is not a bad idea to have a monthly yacht maintenance services plan, if a real issue exists, you want to know that the boatyard you are working with will tailor a custom yacht refitting package based on what your yacht needs at that moment.

Second, a boatyard that performs custom yacht refits is typically highly experienced. In terms of cars, think of the difference between a standard refit boatyard and a custom refit boatyard like it were the difference between a basic auto garage and a custom auto garage. Sure, the standard garage/boatyard can change out a clutch/prop but the custom garage/boatyard can do that and much more. They know how to diagnose the problem correctly, and the experience they have far outweigh the rest.

Cost, Quality, Quick – Choose Two

Custom yacht refit plans are tailored to the needs of the vessel and the specification of her captain. At Yacht Management, we take these two factors very seriously, and we always want to find the balance between them. The most important of the two is what the captain of the vessel wants. The goal is to do quick, quality work, at a low cost; we treat each job with the same vigor.

Any engineer with experience will tell you that you can only choose two of those three options on any given job; and if they don’t, then they are hiding something. At Yacht Management, we try to find the balance between all three, meeting somewhere in the middle of the triangle:

 Image 0294:


Less Now or More Later

Any time you avoid yacht maintenance services now, it may catch up to you later. That’s probably true of most things, and as those issues are left long-term, they will inevitably get worse. The secret is this: you don’t have to pay for a full overhaul yacht maintenance service, but rather choose a custom yacht refit service and fix what is important now.

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