Nov 21, 2016

Find the Best South Florida Marina for Your Yacht

For some, finding a good South Florida marina is like looking for the best-rated daycare for a child. Boats are part of the family, and you want your yacht to be in good hands, especially if you are leaving your yacht in a South Florida marina for months on end while you are away during off season. Yacht Management is one of the best marinas in South Florida, providing services that range from dockside service and maintenance, storage, and complete concierge and trip planning. Our yacht experts have drafted a simple checklist for yacht and boat owners to find the perfect marina to suit their needs.  

What Services Do They Offer? 

A good marina is more than just a parking spot. You should make sure the marina technicians are certified to care for boats. The best marinas in South Florida should have, at minimum, the following services: 

  • Bottom boat painters 
  • Bottom boat maintenance 
  • Detailing 
  • Haul Out Services 
  • Security 
  • Running gear services 
  • Prop reconditioning 
  • Fiberglass repair 
  • Marine electrical work 
  • Marine air conditioning 

For an example of the kinds of services a South Florida marina should offer, look at the boatyard services page at Yacht Management.

What Are the Fees

Price is going to factor in choosing a South Florida marina. Shop around! You should expect to pay at minimum a couple hundred dollars a month for the basic care package and docking fees.  

Take the Yacht to The Marina 

Before you commit to any boatyard or marina, sail your yacht to them and ask yourself: was it easy to get there, and it is well protected from storms and other passing boats?

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