Nov 26, 2016

Is It Time to Redo Your Boat’s Bottom Paint?

Re-doing your boat’s bottom paint is like going to the oral hygienist to get a teeth cleaning: slightly laborious, but completely necessary. Both share the same feeling of accomplishment, another item checked off the list and one less thing to worry about for the next few months. Yacht Management’s haul out services are probably just what you need, but how can you be sure is time for a repaint or haul out services? 

If you leave anything in water for too long it is going to start looking a little fishy, but to be sure, here is a quick guide so you can decide if it is time to redo your boat’s bottom paint.  

You might need haul out services if... 

  • You cannot even see the bottom of your boat anymore because it is covered completely in barnacles and other sea life, you might need haul out services
  • Your boat is getting more drag than acceleration because of the coral reef that is attached to the bottom. 
  • You leave a wake more than five times larger than the width of your vessel because of all those barnacles, you might need haul out services.  
  • The fish are scared off by the peeling paint your vessel leaves behind as it trudges through the open sea. 
  • Your yacht has not been hauled out in over a year, you might need haul out services.  
  • Your boat spends more time in the water than most others. 
  • You are reading this article, you might need haul out services, or at least a good coat of wax. 

Still not sure? Reach out to Yacht Management and ask about our haul out services, we’ll get your vessel back in great shape!  

What We Do at Yacht Management 

At Yacht Management, we have some of the best and most experienced professionals in the yacht detailing services industry. Our haul out services are of the best quality and we are conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

After we have restored your yacht back to the condition you would prefer, ask us about our yacht maintenance services and dockside service programs. We will make sure that your vessel never needs emergency cleaning and that it is always operating at its peak condition.

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