Dec 23, 2016

New Year’s 2017 Yacht Destinations

Yacht Management knows that your yacht is much like a part of the family. So this holiday season, why not take your whole family to one of these top New Year’s 2017 yacht destinations?  

1. Junkanoo Celebration in the Bahamas 
The Bahamas are so close to our South Florida marina that it would be a shame to not go to the Junkanoo Celebration this year. Junkanoo is an annual New Year’s Eve party in the Bahamas that is always a good time, great to take your family, and Yacht Management can help make the process simple.  

2. Party Caribbean Style This New Year’s Eve 
How about Aruba? If you do not want to spend New Year’s Eve on your yacht the entire time, sail down to the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Casino, and enjoy the fireworks and festivities from the comfort of the hotel beach front.  

3. New Year’s Eve on Key Largo 
Although there will not be any yacht parties at this New Year’s 2017 yacht destination, in Kay Largo, there will be plenty of fireworks and places to anchor. Key Largo is a short trip from any Fort Lauderdale marina, which makes it the perfect trip for the whole family this New Year’s Eve.  

4. Miami  
There is no shortage of things to do on New Year’s Eve in Miami. A top New Year’s 2017 yacht destination, Miami boasts some of the hottest New Year’s Eve parties in the country, notably Pier Pressure cruise. You can leave all the yacht work to someone else and enjoy the open seas, the drinks, and the music on this New Year’s cruise. 

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