Nov 12, 2016

Thanksgiving on Your Yacht

Here at Yacht Management, we are excited for the coming holidays, and it all starts with Thanksgiving! It is a busy time of year for South Florida marinas, and Yacht Management is no different. Lots of yacht owners make their way to our waterways for the yachting season or to escape the cold weather up north, which means that it is the perfect time to have Thanksgiving on your yacht!

The Weather

November in South Florida features the most perfect weather the state witnesses all year. The humidity drops and the cool ocean breeze is just enough to keep you cool without getting too chilly. Thanksgiving on your yacht really is the best time to hit the waters!

The Memories

If this is your first-time celebrating Thanksgiving on your yacht, you are in for a treat. Right from the start, you will hear your guests and family say they have never celebrated Thanksgiving on a yacht, making this a one-of-a-kind experience and something they will never forget this holiday season. Those memories will last forever!

Be as Relaxed or Active as You Want

If you want to take it easy after the meal, you can all sit around, have a few drinks or desert, and talk. The more active may want to take a dip after the meal, or even do some light fishing beforehand. When you celebrate Thanksgiving on your yacht, there is much more to do than simply sitting at the table waiting for food.

For a more relaxed Thanksgiving on your yacht, ask Yacht Management about yacht concierge services for the holiday.

Go Somewhere

Use this opportunity to take advantage of the long weekend. Take your yacht out on a little journey with your guests. Start the trip off with a great Thanksgiving dinner and end with an adventure! After your trip is over, dock at a Fort Lauderdale marina for full dockside care and cleaning.

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