Nov 17, 2016

Why You Should Invest In Yacht Concierge Services

A yacht concierge performs the duties you may expect of a hotel concierge, but with a more hands on approach to fulfilling the request. This includes provisioning based on requests, logistics and travel arrangements both on and off the yacht, and complete voyage planning. Yacht concierge services in Fort Lauderdale also orders and oversees yacht repairs and maintenance.

All of the aforementioned is the simple answer to what a yacht concierge does and why you should invest in them. However, an excellent yacht concierge in Fort Lauderdale serves as the right hand man to the yacht, taking care of all the needs that the yacht owner has or requests, even down to planning the trip.

Yacht concierge services for super yachts, luxury yachts, or medium sized yachts, can be found locally and are a must-have service when it comes to truly taking care of your yacht and maintaining its condition. The owner of a small yacht may request yacht concierge services to help plan his trip or order parts needed, while the owner of a super yacht may require yacht concierge services for a full, six-month voyage.

The term "concierge" may frighten some and conjure up images of suit wearing staff, but the truth is that yacht concierge services are tailored to the owner. The utmost professionalism is always paramount, but modern day yacht concierge services are about creating comfortable environments for yacht owners, and making their voyage smooth and relaxing.

Contact Yacht Management today and find out if a yacht concierge service in Fort Lauderdale is what you need to make the difference in your next voyage.

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