Oct 05, 2016

Yacht Hurricane Preparation

As Hurricane Matthew barreled forward in an uncertain path towards the South Florida coast, many yacht owners were worried about their yacht hurricane preparation. What should you do to ensure that your yacht is ready for an upcoming storm? Are there safe marinas that will store your yacht? Yacht Management strives to provide excellent yacht management services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is why we have drafted this quick guide to hurricane preparation for your yacht before the next storm comes.

Hurricane in Florida

Where to Keep Your Boat

The best place to keep your yacht, without a doubt, is on shore and strapped down. Of course, some yacht owners may not have any other option than to keep their yacht strapped down on a boat lift, but you should consider a marina with yacht storage in Fort Lauderdale if there is the threat of a hurricane approaching the coast.

Marinas with high sea walls can effectively deal with turbulent seas and waves that crash into the coast line.

If your yacht is tied to a dock, point the bow towards the storm, or as close towards the storm as you can. If you live in South Florida, ask for dockside services in Fort Lauderdale and contact a yacht management company that will advise you and protect your yacht. Yacht Management is a top choice among residents in Fort Lauderdale, for yacht maintenance and dockside services; during a hurricane, Yacht Management makes sure that all necessary preparations have been taken.

Preparedness Checklist

1. Be sure to remove all valuables from the yacht. Anything that is not attached should be taken to a storage facility.

2. Call your insurance company and make sure that your policy is up-to-date, and that you are covered in case of any weather and hurricane related damages.

3.Use extra lines to secure your boat to the dock, and lift it out of the water if you are not sure whether the lift will remain intact during a hurricane.

4. Consider using a marina or dockside service provider in Fort Lauderdale to keep your yacht safe at all times, and properly managed.

Make sure you are prepared for the next hurricane season. Call or email us for details and more information regarding our hurricane storage plan options for the 2017 hurricane season.

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