Sep 19, 2016

Yacht Maintenance Services That Yacht Owners Overlook

When most yacht owners think of complete yacht management services, the image conjured up is that of yacht refit services and dockside care. While those are both a part of complete yacht management services, there are a few other services that yacht owners tend to overlook.

A yacht is a luxury vessel intended to be a space of comfort. A complete yacht management service should aim to create an environment that meets the standards of the yacht owner, and also the high standards which are set by the yacht management company themselves.

Financial Management
Financial management is an integral part of complete yacht management services, and unfortunately an aspect that is regularly overlooked. A yacht runs similarly to a small business. There is a team, a budget, a goal (the destination), and resources.

The financial management of a sizeable yacht can be time consuming. A professional bookkeeper that is seasoned in the yacht management industry should always be a part of a complete yacht management service.

Concierge and Logistics
A yacht’s concierge is in charge of the logistics involved in transport, airport pick up, and provisioning. This aspect of yacht management services is integral are also services often overlooked. The yacht owner simply asks for a destination and any special provisions, then the concierge sets the planning in motion in efforts to ensure that the voyage is a complete success.

The yacht concierge services offered at Yacht Management also include delivery. You can jet your way across the world and have your yacht meet you at the port of your choosing, if you please!

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