Jul 28, 2017

Boat Name Traditions, Superstitions, and Myth

Yachting will turn the most scientific, logical man into a superstitious, traditionalist in no time at all. No doubt. Guaranteed.

Whenever we believe we have seen every variation of name at the Yacht Management marina in Fort Lauderdale, a boat comes a long and proves us wrong. With that in mind, we wanted to discuss boat naming traditions, rules, and superstitions once and for all.

Funny Versus Meaningful Boat Names

Boat naming tradition was strict in the past. Boats should only bare the name of important female figures or woman who are important to the captain. Things have loosened up since those days. Funny boat names and meaningful boat names depend on the person. We like to think of boat names like tattoos.

1.       Take it seriously.

2.       It cannot be undone easily.

3.       Make it feel personal, like it matches your personality.

If you are the kind of captain who has or would consider a humorous tattoo, then a humorous boat name makes sense and vice versa. Naming a boat is such a privilege and something that even a rookie sea faring sailor can appreciate. Take pride in your boat’s name!

Boat Name Superstitions

A tradition as old as yachting always carries with it a long list of superstitions. Here are the most common boat name superstitions:

1.       It’s bad luck to sail on a boat without a name.

2.       It’s bad luck to rename a boat (unless the proper name purging and renaming ceremonies are performed)

3.       It’s bad luck to name a boat something brash or arrogant. Stay away from names that will tempt the sea. Boat names like Victory, Millionaire, or Hurricane may tempt Poseidon himself.

A boat’s name is so vitally important; it’s not something to take lightly. Boat naming rules and boat name superstitions are part of the fun and history of yachting. You’re joining a tradition as old as the first explorers.

Boat Naming Tradition

And finally, boat naming traditions old and new!

1.       Christening ceremonies are the moments when boats are given their names. Never skip a naming ceremony.

2.       Boats are given almost life like qualities. All captains can attest that some boats almost have personalities. She likes to be treated this way, she’s having a bad day etc.

3.       Ships were given a name so that they could be tracked. It was easier to talk about a voyage on so and so ship.

Happy Naming and Happy Yachting!

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