Jul 10, 2017

Boats, Schooners, Ships, Yachts and Superyachts - What’s the Difference?

Are boats, yachts and superyachts all the same? What happens if we throw ship in the mix, or vessel? Do they refer to different boat types or are they just interchangeable terms? Will some sea lover become upset if I refer to a boat as a schooner? What’s a schooner anyway? Some require yacht crews while others can be sailed solo.

For those who are new to sea life, it’s okay to not understand the difference. There are still some sea lovers who couldn’t tell you the difference between yachts and superyachts, between boats and ships. And some may say it doesn’t even matter. Some distinctions are clear, like the difference between a ship and schooner. While other differences are more difficult to establish, like the difference between yachts and superyachts.

Here’s a simple cheat sheet. Bookmark this page in case it comes up again! Happy sailing!

Boat – used for commercial and recreational purposes. Technically, boats are motor vessels less than 100 feet long.

Schooner – a sailboat that actually has a sail. Some schooners can also make use of an engine, but if there is no sail, it is not a schooner.

Ship – large, commercial sea vessel. Used to transport goods, people, and for military utility. Ships are usually over 200 feet long.

Yacht – purely recreational vessel. These vessels are built with the idea of luxury in mind. Not all of these vessels require yacht crews, some require 2 or 3 crew members.

Superyacht – a yacht over 100 feet in length from stern to bow. Superyachts cannot function without yacht crews and yacht management.

Regardless of whether you own a large schooner, yacht, or superyacht under 120 feet, Yacht Management has concierge crew, storage, and dockside maintenance services for your vessel. Contact us today for more information and see which packages we offer for your specific kind of vessel – now that you know!

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