Sep 26, 2017

Certified Yacht Refit & Repair Center for Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Irma has passed and thankfully, South-Eastern Florida was not affected nearly as bad as it could have been. At the time of Hurricane Irma’s approach, it seemed certain that the category 5 storm would decimate Florida, and thankfully it has not. It has left yacht owners having to deal with yacht insurance claims and yacht refits and repairs, even though the storm was not necessarily devastating.

This is what you should do if your yacht has been damaged by a hurricane or severe storm.

Reporting to the Yacht Insurance Company

Take pictures of the damaged areas. If you have pictures of the areas before the storm hit, that will be helpful, but they are not necessary. Often, yacht technicians and repairmen can tell how old damage really is and fresh, storm damage to a yacht is easily noticeable.

Yacht Management can assist in providing the necessary proof to yacht insurance companies to ensure your claim is properly fulfilled.

Navigating Yacht Insurance Claims

Yacht insurance is nothing like car insurance, because unlike the cookie cutter car insurance market, each yacht insurance policy is completely customized to each yacht.

How are you going to figure out your yacht insurance after inclement weather, or in this case, a massive hurricane blowing through marina? We can help.

Visit our South Florida marina, yacht refit and repair center and speak with a professional. Finding trusted yacht professionals isn’t difficult. Just give us a call.

Hurricane Damage Yacht Repair

The last step and end goal is to ensure that your yacht gets the repairs it needs, and that you are entitled to. Yacht Management is a certified yacht refit and repair center that works with owners and their yacht insurance providers to get them back on the waters again.

For more information, please contact Yacht Management immediately.

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