Nov 23, 2017

Christmas Gifts for Yacht Owners

Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for yacht owners? Well, you’re in the right place. Who better to give your solid gift giving advice tailored to yacht owners than a yacht management company in South Florida? You’re in good hands.

The Christmas gift ideas below range from inexpensive to downright pricey, from unique to holiday classics and favorites.

Waterproof Accessories

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Science has come so far! These days they can make anything waterproof and a waterproof gift is perfect as a stocking stuffer for the yacht captain.

  • Waterproof phone cases, easy to slip on before a trip out to sea.
  • Waterproof phone chargers.
  • Waterproof wallets.
  • Waterproof boom boxes.

A quick search online will return many worthwhile results for each category. When in doubt, throw the word “waterproof” in front of your gift ideas and you’ll be that thoughtful gift-giver this Christmas.

Most waterproof Christmas gifts for yacht owners will usually add an extra few bucks to the price you would expect from the garden variety, non-waterproof counterpart.

Nautical Themed Board Games

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Sometimes, when it’s just you and the sea, you need a little distraction to pass the time or just something to keep the other guests on the yacht busy while you enjoy the view and steering into the great blue unknown.

Either way, the yacht common deck should be fully stocked with some nautical themed board games. Consider some classic board game Christmas gifts for yacht owners like:

  • Backgammon
  • Go (Chinese Chess. Trust us it’s a fun game!)
  • Chess
  • Mahjong

These games range between $30 and $100

Sperry Topsiders

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When it doubt, break the Sperry’s out. Sperry Topsider is a boat themed clothing and shoe line. It’s practically a store created to find Christmas gifts for yacht owners.

Range between $100 and $300 and you can shop for Sperry Topsider gifts here.

El Dorado Rum 21-Year-old

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In the wise words of Captain Jack Sparrow, “Why is the rum always gone?”.

Rum is a drink for salty seal lovers that dates back to the days of pirates, skulls and crossbones and sensible Christmas gifts from about 1970 and onwards.

A true sailor will love a bottle of El Dorado Rum, Aged 21 years.

Priced at about $100 you can shop for El Dorado Rum 21-year-old here.

Splash Drone

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Now we’re talking! Splash Drones are the GoPros of the sky! (Except of course, now GoPro does have a drone line now as well).

Splash Drones are the trusted drones used by boaters, sailors, captains, and salt life adrenaline junkies. It’s the perfect Christmas present for yachters who have everything.

Range from $99 to $1,300 and you can shop for Splash Drones here.


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Of course, no list of Christmas gift ideas for yacht owners would be complete without a GoPro. If you are not sure about the brand, you can trust when we say it’s trusted. GoPro is synonymous with excellent quality cameras, that are both super durable and a steal in terms of price.

Range between $300 and $450 and you can shop for GoPros here.

Astra Esa Smart Watch

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Now yacht owners are usually people who like the finer things in life and a good watch definitely counts. The Astra Esa Smart Watch was designed for yacht owners and sailors alike. The watch displays information like TWA, speed, and polar target data, GPS, and it is of course waterproof and shockproof.

The watch comes with a sim card, so it can be used to make calls and send both tests and emails. Pretty neat stuff.

Price is about $450, and you can shop for Astra Esa Smart Watches here.


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