Jan 23, 2017

Famous Yacht for Sale - Caddyshack and Skyfall

There are two famous yachts for sale this month, both catering to vastly different tastes. The yacht from Caddyshack and the yacht from the James Bond film Skyfall are now on the market. Which would you choose, and would should you pay the yacht refit and restoration prices?

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Caddyshacks “Big Dog”

The name “Big Dog” my not seem familiar to Caddyshack fans because in the film, the yacht that Rodney Dangerfield uses to wreak havoc on the marina is called “Sea Food”. This 60-foot Striker is on sale now for $129,000.

An interesting fact is that the yachts for sale in this category would not usually reach this high of a price. Furthermore, yachts this old (Caddyshack was released in 1980) would likely already be retired to the beat boat heaven in the sky.

The truth is, this is no ordinary yacht for sale. It is proven that many would spend any amount on a yacht refit and restoration to keep this boat intact. This boat is a collector’s item now; a piece of Hollywood memorabilia more than anything else. Here is that famous Caddyshack boat scene to jog your memory.

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Skyfall “Regina”

The superyacht in Skyfall shares almost the same amount of screen time (90 seconds) as the yacht in Caddyshack, but that is about the only similarities the two have. Regina is a 183-foot luxury yacht that is in fantastic condition; there is no need for yacht refit and restoration services here.

The asking price for Regina is $9.5 million. The recent refitting last year means that everything on board is of the highest quality. All the latest trimmings, satellite television, high quality music, and a jet ski come with the vessel; a vastly different experience.

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