Sep 06, 2017

Hurricane Preparation for Your Yacht - 2017

This is an update to the blog post regarding yacht hurricane preparation for Hurricane Matthew in 2016. 

It seems almost certain that Hurricane Irma is going to make land fall in the next few days, which is sending yacht owners and Floridians into a tail spin of action and hurricane preparation. Yacht owners: not only do you have to worry about protecting your home and car, but you should create a plan to secure your yacht during a hurricane as well. If you haven’t started preparing your yacht for Hurricane Irma, we suggest you begin right away.  

Any decent hurricane plan for yachts is going to be contingent upon the size, shape, and location of the vessel in terms of the approaching storm. Contact a Yacht Management professional for advice regarding your hurricane readiness.

Where to Keep Your Yacht During a Hurricane

Your options are to moor the yacht to a secure structure, or store your yacht in a hurricane-secure marina for the duration of the storm.

As a rule of thumb, you should secure a yacht for a hurricane as far away from open water as possible. And of course, you should not venture out into ocean no matter what. Come on, does that need to be stated? It’s not worth it!

-          Mooring

Double up on lines and stay away from the open water. Leave enough slack on the lines to ensure that the yacht has ‘give’ to move with the tides. Find a spot or slip that offer some level of protection from hurricane winds and debris. Trees, houses, and banks offer some hurricane protection for your yacht. These are known as “hurricane holes”.

-          Hurricane Secure Marina

Allow professionals to secure your yacht for a hurricane. South Florida marinas have hurricane plans for yachts and as well as the tools and expertise to ensure your yacht is secure during a hurricane.

Hurricane Plan for Yachts

If you decide to secure a yacht for Hurricane Irma by yourself, then be sure to:

·         Remove all loose items on your yacht.

·         If Irma makes landfall at a category 4 or higher, consider removing anything bolted down. Streamline your boat to avoid wind catching and causing damage.

·         If your yacht is tied to a dock, point the bow towards the storm, or as close towards the storm as possible.

Don’t ever stay with your yacht! Be safe during Hurricane Irma.

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