Dec 10, 2017

The Benefits of Monthly Dockside Boat Detailing Services

Yacht Management started as a boat detailing company many years ago. Boat detailing is anchored within us. It’s something we take very seriously. Boat owners understand the need for detailing, however, for captains, boat detailing is a time-consuming chore that is as boring as it is exhausting.

So, we devised a plan to offer monthly dockside boat cleaning services at better rates than anyone else and providing better boat cleaning services than anyone else.

We are on a mission to clean every yacht in South Florida, to make the ocean beautiful again, to say no to cloudy fiberglass and salty decks, and to say yes to splash ready yachts with a high mirror shine.

Benefit 1: Simple Schedule and Never Forget Again

4 out of 5 boat detailers agree that the number one excuse for a dirty boat is “I don’t have time” or “I forgot”. We want to take the details out detailing, so you have nothing to worry about.

Scheduling a monthly dockside detail requires no more memory or time investment on your part. We show up, we clean, we slip away as if we were never there.  

Benefit 2: Yacht Management Has the Best Products

A good boat detailing slows the aging process. You clean your face, you buff your car, and you paint your house, all chores that are necessary to slow the weathering process. But what kind of cleaning products are you using?

You wouldn’t use terrible products on your face, or your car or your home, so why settle for anything but the best for your yacht?

We use the best boat cleaning products. EPA friendly and oh-so-effective.

Benefit 3: Let’s Be Honest, Boats Should Look Good

Detailing is extremely important. The benefits of a monthly dockside detailing service should not be taken lightly. The result of a good detailing is always worth the effort. Nothing looks more beautiful than a clean, sleek, shining yacht swaying in the current.

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