Aug 10, 2017

Yacht Maintenance & Inspection Before Traveling Around the World

So, you’ve decided to take a trip around the world! Your emotions are likely somewhere between exhilarated and daunted and if so, then you’re on the right track. Before you start your journey, before budgeting for the trip, before all the yacht logistics and planning; have your yacht inspected at a professional Boatyard.

Why the Yacht Inspection Should be Priority 1

There is global yachting trip without a working yacht. Cruising around the world is all fun and games until the bilge pump fails, or the sewage leaks, or an engine decides to call it quits.

Getting your yacht inspected before you are beginning the yacht logistics and planning will save you a lot of frustration later. All costs and timelines must factor in the initial costs to ensure that your yacht is ready for the long journey across the world!

Peace of Mind

No matter the reason you’ve taken to the high seas in your yacht, you want to enjoy the time you have out there. Yacht inspections and yacht maintenance services offer something that you cannot put a price on: peace of mind.

Haul Outs & Repairs

Discuss your plan to go traveling around the world and any details with a Yacht Management technician and service representative before inspection.

Our team will provide a haul out, complete inspection and full yacht maintenance services to ensure that your vessel is splash-ready in time for your trip.

Need Help Planning?

Yacht maintenance services are vital to peace of mind and a safe trip, and once that’s taken care of, what’s next? Yacht Management offers yacht logistics and planning services. We can take your dream of a trip sailing around the world and make it a reality.

Speak to a Yacht Management representative and let us know how much planning you would like us to take of your plate. We offer full planning services as well!

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