Jun 04, 2018

3 Must-Have Dockside Services for Florida Yachts

Even well into the summer yachting season, yacht maintenance cannot fall to the wayside. Particularly for yachts in Florida and the Bahamas, where the constant amiable weather means a never-ending season. This is when the convenience of dockside services is especially important.

At Yacht Management South Florida, Inc., we have years of experience in yacht maintenance and have collected of list of the three must-have dockside services for Florida yachts during these busy summer months.

1. Wash Downs

Whether you’ve spent a week cruising the Bahamas or just came back from a weekend of sport fishing, a wash down is one of the first dockside services you should invest in. Clean away salt water, dirt, and other types of debris, like fish scales, from every surface of your yacht with a pressure wash. At Yacht Management, our wash downs include a preliminary wax to create a protective coat and make your yacht shine.

2. System Check

Including system checks into your monthly yacht maintenance schedule is a great precautionary step especially for yachts that are going on multiple trips this summer. It’s better to spot a problem while dockside, rather than in the middle of the ocean.

Offered as one of our dockside services, take advantage of a system check by Yacht Management electricians and technicians. We’ll perform full yacht maintenance and system checks, ensuring the soundness of all your yacht’s electrical, engine, navigation, bilge, and safety systems before heading out to sea.

3. Hurricane Preparation & Readiness

Since the 2018 hurricane season has officially started, it is more critical than ever that you prepare a hurricane plan. Work with Yacht Management South Florida professionals to reserve a slip in our hurricane-safe South Florida marina, moor up your yacht correctly with extra lines, and set up other hurricane protections should stormy weather arrive.

Hurricane preparation and readiness is one of the more unique dockside services for Florida yachts, but it is incredibly important to ensure your yacht’s safety.

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