Jul 20, 2018

Benefits of Boat Bottom Cleaning

Yacht Maintenance – Advantages of Boat Bottom Cleaning Services

At our Fort Lauderdale marina and full-service boatyard, Yacht Management offers both underwater and onshore boat bottom cleaning services. Getting your yacht’s bottom and hull cleaned regularly is an important part of yacht maintenance and that’s because monthly boat bottom cleaning comes with numerous benefits.

1. Improved Fuel Economy

Build up of marine life and organisms like barnacles, mussels, algae and seaweed decreases the aerodynamic shape of your yacht’s hull. This loss in your hull’s smoothness decreases your boat’s speed in the water. A slower boat goes through its fuel supply more quickly, which means you end up with higher fuel costs. Cleaning that build up off means a smoother hull and better fuel economy.

2. Avoid Over Zincing

One widely-used way to slow down build up on your hull is to attach some sacrificial zinc anodes onto the bottom of your boat. However, depending only on zinc until your next annual haul out comes with its own problems. Over-zincing can cause wood damage on wooden boats and metal fatigue on boats with metal hulls.

Since zinc anodes are underwater, you won’t see any potential problems like zinc detachment, hot areas, and zinc burning faster than expected, unless you have a diver go down and look. Kill two birds with one stone by scheduling an underwater boat bottom cleaning – available as one of Yacht Management’s dockside yacht maintenance services.

3. Less Haul Outs

Regular underwater boat bottom cleaning also means fewer haul outs. If you don’t allow barnacle build up to form a thick layer on your hull, an underwater scrub off will be enough. However, if the build up has become too thick for a diver to scrub off safely or if you want to repaint your hull with a fresh new coat of antifouling paint, a haul out is the way to go. Yacht Management can haul out your yacht for yacht bottom painting at our full-service boatyard.

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