Sep 03, 2018

List of The Different Types of Luxury Yachts

Guide to Luxury Yachts: Different Types & Popular Brands

Yacht Management South Florida offers top-quality yacht maintenance and superyacht management services to vessels throughout South Florida, the Bahamas, and beyond. We have serviced yachts of all different sizes, makes, and brands. Here is a simple breakdown of the different types of luxury yachts found on the market today.

Open Sport Yacht

Know as the sports car of luxury yachts, open-style sports yachts are known for their high speeds and sleek appearance. While this type of luxury yacht comes in several different styles, all open-style luxury sport yachts, sometimes referred to as performance yachts, are characterized by a maximum of two decks above the hull and living quarters located underneath.

Motor Yacht

This term encompasses the widest selection of luxury yachts. Technically, all vessels that are not sailing yachts and have a motor can be called a motor yacht. In the yachting world, this term is typically used to specify multi deck yachts with a large interior main deck. Known for their spacious living quarters and designed for optimal comfort, luxury motor yachts are great for families and large groups of guests.

Mega Yacht

Mega yachts are motor yachts that measure 24 meters and above in length. These vessels can accommodate up to 100 or more guests. Sometimes called superyachts, this type of luxury yacht is known for being ultra-luxurious with amenities including swimming pools, spas, gyms, personal cinemas, party venues, and helicopter pads. The bigger mega yachts get, the more extravagant facilities are being included.

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