Feb 09, 2018

Luxury Voyage Planner - Concierge and Logistics

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Cruising into the South Florida area? Yacht Management of South Florida plans, coordinates and implements yacht vacations for hundreds of clients every year. We handle short trips to the Bahamas, full trips around the Keys, Miami, West Palm Beach, and everything in between.

Contact us directly and ask for our luxury voyage planning services: (954) 941-6447.

Port to port, our yacht voyage planners know exactly what it takes to plan any luxury yacht vacation.

What We Provide

  • An exclusive yacht voyage planner to handle every aspect of your journey.
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • Planning the route.
  • Yacht Maintenance and parts shipping.
  • We crew your yacht from our exclusive pool of yacht crew members.
  • Full provisioning.

Our number one priority is client comfort.

Our yacht vacation planners are experienced. We have planned trips around South Florida and the Bahamas for years. We have the connection and the inside scoop on the best places to anchor, the best ports to visit and the best spots to stop and take a dip.

We create voyages that leave lasting memories. All you have to do is show up.

Your experience is our priority. We ask you a few simple questions and use that information to plan your luxury yacht vacation.

We will provide a full yacht trip itinerary.

Why Choose Yacht Management?

Yacht Management strives to master every aspect of the marine industry. We have developed our own crew payroll software, our own yacht concierge and logistics system and our own full equipped Fort Lauderdale marina.

Our determination to be the most well-rounded yacht management company is what makes a difference to our clients.

We work with the local South Florida yachting community; yacht brokers and yacht clubs. We are South Florida yachting!

It’s Your Vacation

Our yacht trip coordinators plan a trip that is uniquely for you. We are not cookie cutter, mass produced vacations. We will make recommendations based on what works for the majority of our clients, with your timeline and needs in consideration.


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