Oct 12, 2018

Must-See Yacht Charter Destinations for the Holidays

Must-See Yacht Charter Destinations for the Holidays

As the holidays approach and the cold winter weather starts coming in, folks will want to book a private yacht charter and escape to the warm paradises of the world.

At Yacht Management South Florida, our South Florida yacht maintenance and superyacht management company, has provided concierge, logistical, and crew placement services to crewed yacht charters throughout the Caribbean and other popular yachting destinations.

Here are some of our top yacht charter destinations you should consider visiting during the winter holiday season.

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The Grenadines

This small chain of islands in the Caribbean was lucky to have escaped the devasting impact of hurricanes Irma, Maria, and Jose last year. Due to the damage left behind by those storms, many crewed yacht charters had to find new destinations that had remained untouched. [1] One of those places was the Grenadines, where private yacht charter to the Caribbean guests can still experience the white sand beaches and azure waters expected form the Caribbean, but with smaller crowds.

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St. Lucia

Another idyllic Caribbean island, St. Lucia is the place to go if you want to experience an adventure-filled Christmas and holiday season. Enjoy scuba diving, water sports, jungle exploring, bird watching, and hiking on this island’s many natural areas. You can also go swimming in freshwater water falls, dip into Sulphur springs or visit St. Lucia’s relaxing mud baths.

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“There are always clients looking to move away from the traditional winter destination of the Caribbean and explore new places.” – Annemarie Gathercole [1]

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you may want to take a crewed yacht charter somewhere in the Mediterranean or Asia. The gorgeous islands of Oceania are becoming more and more popular private yacht charter destinations, especially during the winter holiday months. Experience the natural beauty that inspired artist Paul Gauguin [2] by cruising the islands of Tahiti where there is a never-ending supply of exciting activities.

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One of these is not like the others! If you’re craving a more traditional white winter, London is a great private yacht charter destination. An equal parts exciting and charming city, go to London to enjoy the festive season. Fine dining, world-class shopping, and classic Christmas events – London is calling!


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