Jan 01, 2018

New Year’s Resolutions for Boaters

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Rather than focus on the negative that we want to change, how about we simply focus on what we can do to make 2018 better. Yacht Management’s has decided that these are the best and easiest new year’s resolutions for boaters.

Any captain, yachter or boater can accomplish at least 2 of these resolutions easily. Don’t give up on your resolutions yet!

1.       Redo Your Boat Bottom Paint

Stop putting it off. Ideally, bottom painting should be your resolutions every year because you should be doing it annually. But we know, things happen, people forget, and we get busy.

All new year’s resolutions for boaters should include a trip to your local bottom painting boatyard.

2.       Spend More Time on The Water

We have all said this at one time of another. Some years we can’t find the time to get out on the water. But when we do, we remember why we bought a boat in the first place.

The best way to ensure that you spend more time on your yacht is to plan more trips. You can plan your own trip or hire a yacht concierge to plan a trip for you.

3.       Sail to A Nearby Island and Spend a Weekend There

The best way to spend more time on the water is to plan a trip. Google continuously updates this list of top islands to sail to in the United States.

4.       Wear More Sun Protection Out on The Water

We could all do a better job of protecting our skin while boating. The sheer amount of sun we are exposed to on a regular basis is almost frightening.

Do this for your own health and wellbeing in 2018. Keep a few hats and tubes of sunscreen on your vessel always.

5.       Invite More People Boating

Give the gift of sea life to someone else. Invite your friends, family, and business associates to take a day trip on your yacht.

Your love of yachting started somewhere too, share the love!

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