Aug 15, 2018

Our Marine Service Manager: Philip Lanzo

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Meet Our Marine Service Manager – Philip Lanzo

At Yacht Management South Florida Inc., the Marine Service Manager is an important and vital position in our daily operations. The service manager is responsible for overseeing all the activities that get performed in our full-service Fort Lauderdale marina and boatyard. He is in charge of supervising and directing the yacht maintenance and repair services carried out by our expert technicians.

When Yacht Management was looking for someone to fill in the marine service manager position at our Fort Lauderdale marina, Philip Lanzo was an easy choice! With three decades of experience, he is a proven marine industry expert and team leader. Under the leadership of our marine service manager, trust your yacht to be splash-ready in no time!

We sat down with Phillip Lanzo and asked him a wide range of questions – some of his answers may surprise you!


Yacht Management: Where did you grow up?

Philip Lanzo: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.


YM: Where did you go for college, and what did you study?

PL: I attended Miami Dade Community College where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology.


YM: Do you have any certifications relevant to the yacht management fields, or your position as Marine Service Manager specifically?

PL: When it comes to marine service managers, experience is much more important than certifications. I’m successful at doing my job because I’ve worked as a yacht maintenance technician and a manager for many years. However, I am certified for refrigeration and air conditioning servicing.


YM: What yacht maintenance skill are your most proud of?

PL: I think I’m most confident when doing mechanical and electrical work. It’s very challenging work, but I love it!


YM: Where do you currently reside?

PL: I currently have a place in Boca Raton, Florida. It’s just a short drive from Yacht Management’s full-service marina and boatyard in Fort Lauderdale, so that’s convenient.


YM: What drew you to working in the marine industry?

PL: When I first moved to Florida, I started out studying marine biology at Miami Dade Community College. I soon found out it was hard subject, and the jobs in that industry didn’t not pay much money. Still, I knew Florida’s biggest resource is water. With that in mind, I decided to get into boating. I have been in that business for 30 years now.


YM: How old were you when you started working in the industry?

PL: I was about 26 years old. 


YM: What was your first job in the marine industry?

PL: My first job was at a place called Chris-Craft Factory in Pompano. I started out working on hull fairing.


YM: Okay, now we’re going to ask you some rapid-fire questions. Favorite place to sail?

PL: I don’t really consider myself a sailing enthusiast. I prefer motor boats.


YM: Favorite football team?

PL: The Miami Dolphins or the Seattle Seahawks. I can’t choose just one!


YM: Biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

PL: I caught a 25 lb. dolphin.


YM: Favorite fishing spot?

PL: I love fishing in Islamorada or Marathon in the Keys.


YM: Dream boat?

PL: My dream boat would be a 164 ft. Westport yacht.


YM: And one last question, do you have any advice for others who want to get into the marine industry?

PL: It is a great industry! There’s lots to learn and be challenged by. The best thing is that you’re on the water in Florida. You also get to work with great people. I am very happy to be a part of the Yacht Management Team!

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