Jun 19, 2018

Planning A Yacht Vacation: 3 Tips for the Perfect Trip

Whether you’re going out on your yacht for the first time or you are seasoned yacht traveler, planning a yacht vacation can present a few challenges. From mapping out an itinerary, provisioning, and making sure your yacht is fitted with all the latest water toys to keep your guests entertained, planning a yacht vacation often starts months before you’re underway.

With that in mind, the yacht concierges at Yacht Management share three tips to help you plan and enjoy the perfect trip on your yacht.

1. Plan Ahead

Following this tip is crucial for a stress-free yacht vacation. A brand-new yacht needs a captain and a crew. Then, you’ll need to map out an itinerary with the captain and discuss food preferences and other provisions with the chef or head stew.

If you want to avoid all these preliminary steps, the yacht concierge services from Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. can do it for you. Staffing, trip planning, and provisioning can all be done by Yacht Management’s yacht concierges.

2. Diversify Your Entertainment

Images like jet skis, paddle boards, and bright pink flamingo floats spring to mind when planning a yacht vacation. However, water toys aren’t the only things to add to your yacht. Do you want to go fishing or day tripping? Consider buying a yacht tender equipped with fishing and scuba gear.

Do you want to sit back and relax? Set up your entertainment system with Netflix and a music service, bring a couple books from your summer reading list, or even set out a few board games for a perfect night in.

3. Pack Light

A final tip when planning a yacht vacation: pack lightly. Fill up your bag with only essentials like swimsuits, sunglasses, casualwear, sandals, and maybe one or two formal outfits. Bath essentials and basic first aid kits are provided by the yacht, but its best to stock up on required medications and extra sunscreen.

Just show up at an airport nearest you — the yacht concierge services from Yacht Management South Florida will arrange your flight, your airport pick-up, and bring you to your perfect yacht vacation.

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