Aug 30, 2018

Reasons to Go to the Florida Fall Boat Show

What Makes the 2018 Florida Fall Boat Show Different?

The ninth annual Florida Fall Boat Show will be held September 14-16 in West Palm Beach. For just $10 admission, you can experience the show from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Children ages 12 and under can attend for free!

Yacht Management of South Florida, Inc. will have a presence at the 2018 Florida Fall Boat Show. Our team will be attending the event and will happily discuss the yacht maintenance and yacht management services we offer at our Fort Lauderdale marina. Don’t hesitate to approach any of our team members!

Now you might be asking – What makes this event different from all the other boat shows that happen in South Florida? Below are some of the things that make the 2018 Florida Fall Boat Show unique.

Smaller Boats

Unlike other, larger boat shows, the Florida Fall Boat Show isn’t held at a marina. There is no dock space at the South Florida Fairgrounds. So, the only boats showcased are ones that are small enough to fit onto boat trailers. If you aren’t in the market for superyachts or large sailboats, this is the place to go. There will be a great selection of small to medium-sized motorboats, fishing boats, and yacht tenders. There will be over 100 boats on display and for sale!

One-On-One Interactions

Due to this boat show’s smaller size, there is far less visitors. Since the Florida Fall Boat Show isn’t as well known, there aren’t as many tourists either. With less attendants, you won’t have to fight for exhibitors’ attention, which is especially beneficial if you are trying to buy a boat. Interact one-on-one with exhibitors and boat sellers and have more in-depth discussions about the boats they represent. And if you are in the market for a new boat, you’re in luck! Many exhibitors offer hot deals, special show pricing, or other incentives – take advantage of some of the best prices of the year.

Buy Anything Marine!

In addition to boat sellers, there will be over 300 marine vendors selling all things marine! From lines, fenders, gauges, boat covers, to safety gear, swimwear, water toys, and fishing tools. These are just a small taste of the merchandise that will be sold at the Florida Fall Boat Show!

Seafood Festival

A seafood festival within a boat show? It’s more likely than you think! When you aren’t looking at boats or marine merchandise, you can enjoy the delicious taste of the ocean. A diverse range of vendors will satisfy hungry attendants with mouthwatering seafood dishes. Shrimp, lobster, conch, crab, fish, and more cooked in any way you want!

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