Apr 27, 2018

Summer Hibernation or Migration? Seasonal Yacht Storage

It’s the end of the 2018 South Florida yachting season! That means that yacht owners must ask themselves a very important question: are you taking your yacht north for the summer, or are you leaving your boat docked in South Florida?

You have two options available if you decide to dock your boat: self-storage and a custom dockside service or a complete seasonal yacht storage boatyard. If you haul your yacht north, consider general yacht maintenance before the journey!

Which is right for you?

Factor in Hurricane Preparedness

Whatever choice you make, Yacht Management reminds yacht owners to prepare their vessels for possible hurricanes. Something to keep in mind!

Anchoring at a Private Dock

Leaving your yacht in South Florida for the summer season? You are not alone. Many owners will leave their vessels at their summer home or at a South Florida marina.

Owners who store their yachts at private docks should consider hiring a yacht management company that offers custom dockside services to check on their yacht from time to time and make sure that it remains in top condition while docked.

Hibernation – Seasonal Yacht Storage

Seasonal yacht storage boatyards offer complete security and protection from the elements. The facilities at Yacht Management are equipped to store yachts up to 100 feet long. Consider a seasonal yacht storage boatyard this year instead of leaving it docked at your summer home.

Migration – Yachting up North

For yacht owners who enjoy their vessel full-time, your South Florida captain and crew can migrate to the north to continue enjoying the open oceans and sea living. The top 5 yacht destination in the Northern hemisphere are:

  • Barcelona’s OneOcean Port Vell
  • Malta’s Grand Harbor Marina
  • Turkey’s Bodrum
  • Cyprus’s Limassol Marina
  • Porto Montenegro

If you or your crew are yachting up the eastern coastline, north for the summer, then we suggest bringing the vessel into the Yacht Management boatyard for some routine yacht maintenance before the long trip.

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