Jul 06, 2018

Types of Crew Positions on a Luxury Yacht

Yacht Crew Positions – Crew Jobs on Private Yachts

The concierge services at Yacht Management can handle your entire yachting trip from start to finish. That includes staffing your South Florida yacht with the best qualified yacht crew professionals. Our yacht management company is responsible for crew employment and placement for numerous private yachts.

Our yacht managers are highly knowledgeable and experienced yachting professionals, including licensed yacht captains. They understand the importance of hiring the right yacht crew to ensure a superior yachting experience. Here is a list of the different yacht crew positions that may need to be filled on a luxury vessel.

1. Yacht Captain

The most well-known and respected position aboard any private yacht. The captain must be licensed. The captain is responsible for safely manning and operating the vessel, as well as ensuring the well-being of the guests and crew. This position takes strong managerial and decision-making skills.

2. Engineer

The engineer is responsible for the upkeep of the all mechanical and electrical systems of the yacht, including its plumbing. They must make sure everything remains functional by troubleshooting and fixing any problems that come up. For smaller yachts, a hybrid Captain/Engineer position may be needed.

3. Ship Mates

This includes the First Mate, Second Mate, and Third Mate, sometimes called officers. Ship mates are highly qualified individuals. They responsible for bridge duty, managing the deck crew, and other tasks to assist the captain.

4. Deckhand

This position entails long hours and hard work. Deckhands are responsible for the exterior maintenance of the yacht. This includes cleaning, waxing, and even varnishing. Deckhands also assist guests with water toys and other outdoor features, like the jacuzzi.

5. Chef

An incredibly important crew position. Arguably, the better the food, the better the overall yacht experience for you and your guests. The yacht chef is responsible for preparing meals for guests as well as the crew. They may help with service if required.

6. Steward/Stewardess

The bigger a yacht is, the more stewards and stewardesses it is likely to have. The Chief Stew leads the team. Stews are responsible for the interior maintenance of the yacht as well providing food, drink, and overall service to the guests.

Types of Yacht Crew Positions infographic

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