Mar 05, 2018

What to Do If Your Yacht Runs Aground

We pray it doesn’t happen often, but from time to time someone’s yacht runs aground. Shoals, beaches, rocks, and shallow grounds cannot always be avoided. If your yacht runs aground and you need emergency repairs, contact the professionals at Yacht Management immediately, because we can help! We provide emergency yacht repairs from South Florida to the Bahamas, The Caribbean, and surrounding areas: (954) 941-6447.

Check for Injuries

Is anyone injured? If so, your priority should be to get the injured being to a safe place, providing them with immediate medical attention.

Find the Leak

If the boat is taking in water, find the source of the leak as soon as possible, and use your emergency patches to fix the leak. If there is a leak that is clearly not manageable, it’s always best to contact the coast guard.

Stop – Do Not Power Forward

Powering forward can cause more damage, and the only keeping your boat stable may be the rocks you ran into. Stop and assess the situation before proceeding.

Assess the Situation, then Take Action

-          Do a quick visual inspection of the impact site

-          Set your kedge anchor to stop your boat from drifting further aground

-          Use a lead line to check the depth of the water around you

-          Check if there’s deeper water ahead and/or around you

Getting Loose

-          Leaks or Severe Damage: If you were traveling slowly when you ran aground, you may not encounter any leaks. However, you will likely need emergency yacht repairs. Find a yacht repair service center that can come to you.

-          Tide: If the tide is rising, then your best options is to wait and simply float away. The best plan is always the plan with the least motion.

When You Can’t Get Loose

If your yacht runs aground and you cannot get loose, you must summon help using your visual distress signals, as well as calling for assistance using your VHR marine radio.

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