Feb 04, 2019

Assistant Boatyard Manager Talks Job Experience & The Marine Industry

Yacht Management's Assistant Yard Manager

Assistant Boatyard Manager Gail "Butch" White Talks Job Experience & The Marine Industry

Yacht Management is equal parts a yacht management company and a South Florida yacht maintenance center. At our Fort Lauderdale marina and full-service boatyard, our certified yacht technicians carry out haul-outs every day to offer first-rate boat bottom cleaning and boat hull painting in South Florida.

Trust our team to handle your vessel's yacht period and give you as stress-free of an experience as possible. If you're looking for premier Fort Lauderdale yacht restoration, maintenance, and management services - Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. is conveniently located and has an unparalleled selection of services and specialties.

In any moment at our yacht repair facility, our numerous yacht technicians will be working on multiple boats, doing different types of tasks. The people responsible for ensuring all this activity doesn't descend into complete chaos are our boatyard managers. One of those leaders is Gail "Butch" White - our Assistant Boatyard Manager.

White sat down with us for a brief conversation where he detailed his history with Yacht Management and discusses what it takes to qualify for boatyard manager jobs. If you are searching for marine industry jobs in Florida, this insightful interview is a great place to start!


Gail White started as a travel lift operator

Yacht Management: So, first off, where were you born and where did you grow up?

Gail "Butch" White: I'm a true local, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale.


YM: Where do you currently reside?

GM: I now live in Davie.


YM: Where did you go to school?

GM: I attended Western High School in Davie.


YM: Do you have any certifications relevant to your position as Assistant Yard Manager?

GM: I'm a certified travel lift operator and fork lift operator.


YM: How did you start working at Yacht Management South Florida, Inc.?

GM: My last yard closed down. Soon after that I met Josh [Captain Kerrigan, Yacht Management's founder] and he offered me a position.


YM: Can you briefly describe your job history and journey to becoming an Assistant Yard Manager?

GM: I started as a painter, then a mechanic about 25 years ago. Then, I drove the travel lift for 15 years and worked my way up.


YM: What is a day-in-the-life of an Assistant Yard Manager like?

GM: Busy. Very busy. I make sure all the jobs are complete.


YM: What are your earliest memories related to yachts or yachting?

GM: From the beginning, I remember learning a lot from the boating industry. Also, getting to work on beautiful yachts is particularly memorable.


YM: What drew you to working in the marine industry?

GM: I enjoy working around the water and ocean.


YM: What are the qualities you have that you think make you a good fit for boatyard management?

GM: I've been in the boating industry for 30 years. I started by painting bottoms of the boats. Then I became a mechanic. I went to travel lift after that. Now, I'm an assistant manager trying to make sure all jobs get done correctly and on time. Being good at boatyard management is really all about having the right experience.


YM: Do you have any advice for others who want to get into the marine industry?

GM: You need to love what you do!


YM: What is your dream boat?

GM: Definitely a sportfish boat.


YM: Motorboats versus Sail boats?

GM: Motorboats. Don't like sail boats.


YM: If you could go on a yacht charter, where would you cruise to?

GM: Alaska!


YM: Describe your ideal day on the beach or on the water?

GM: On the water, diving and fishing.


YM: Favorite sports team?

GM: I'm a true Florida local, so it's got to be the Miami Dolphins and Florida Panthers.


YM: Favorite cocktail or beverage?

GM: Mountain Dew, even though my daughter says it's no good for me!


YM: What's one quote or turn of phrase that best describes you?

GM: "Be thankful for what you have. Work hard for what you don't have."

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