Dec 30, 2019

Exotic Yachting Destinations For Adventure Seekers

Unexpected Yachting Destinations

Cruise Off the Beaten Path By Visiting These Exotic Yachting Destinations

Islands in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean will always be quintessential yachting destinations for the jet-set crowd. Places like the Bahamas and the French Rivera will always have a place in the itineraries of most yacht owners and charter guests. However, for those who want to explore less popular (but no less beautiful) places and want a more unique vacation, these unexpected yachting destinations are a good place to start.

Our yacht concierge team at Yacht Management South Florida have compiled a list of exotic yachting destinations that are getting more attention but still have not attracted the large crowds common in the Caribbean and the Med. From the stunning icebergs of Chile to the peaceful white sand beaches of Malaysia, here are some destinations you can cruise to that are out of the ordinary, but no less fun.

Tierra del Fuego


While located in South America, cruising the waters of Chile is more like an Alaskan excursion than a sunny cruise to Mexico. Parts of Chile maintain below-freezing temperatures for most of the year. Go to the southernmost point of the country and cruise the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego. Snowcapped mountains provide a spectacular backdrop for icebergs, glaciers, and exotic wildlife including sea lions, king penguins, gray foxes, and guanacos.

Northern Lights


Only in recent years has Scandinavia become a sought-after yachting destination. For years, cooler temperatures and even colder waters have turned off many of the yachting crowd. However, for those that seek different experiences outside of the warm and tropical locales they are used to, Scandinavian countries have become more popular. Norway with its Northern Lights, dramatic fjords, polar bears, and rich maritime culture has become a must-see yachting destination.



While countries like Thailand and Indonesia have seen a steady increase of visits from the yachting crowd, neighboring country Malaysia has remained a somewhat untouched gem in Asia. With its own set of pristine white sand beaches, warm waters, and mouth-watering cuisine, the collection of Malaysian islands in the South China Sea is perfect for those who want a different, yet still tropical yacht vacation. The island of Borneo is perfect for jungle exploration, while the idyllic island of Langkawi with its luxury amenities is a must-visit destination.


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