Jan 28, 2019

How Long is Yacht Charter Season in the Caribbean?

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Having a firm understanding of when the regional yacht charter seasons occur and how many months they last is beneficial for yacht owners and yacht management companies alike. You will have a better chance at anticipating the demand for your charter vessel and knowing which dates you can reserve for yacht maintenance or extended yard periods. Yacht crew placement and yacht concierge services are also aided by answering the question: how long is the Caribbean yacht charter season?

Caribbean Winter Cruising

The Caribbean yacht charter season starts around August and September and lasts throughout the autumn and winter months. Charter guests are seeking out the warmer weather and places like the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, St. Barts, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and plenty of other tropical paradises that provide the perfect escape.

Peak season in the Caribbean begins during mid-December and the winter holidays all the way to March. The months from April to July are considered the Caribbean’s shoulder season – the time between peak and non-peak times.

The Caribbean Yacht Charter Season

August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March

Hurricane season, which lasts from July to early October in this region, doesn’t hinder the Caribbean yacht charter season at all. However, yacht crew must stay aware of weather forecasts and charter prices are typically lower during these months.

Summer Season in “The Med”

The spring and summer months see a decrease in charters to the Caribbean. This is when the yacht charter season begins in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Charter guests and the jet-set elite go across the Atlantic Ocean to this region due to its temperate summer weather. However, not everyone goes east.

Sunshine & Warm Weather Year-Round

Since the Caribbean and even its neighboring places like the Florida Keys experience warm temperatures and moderate weather for almost all the months of the year, these destinations enjoy yacht charters year-round!

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