Jul 24, 2019

This Luxury Yacht House Exemplifies Innovative Yacht Design

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Explore A Unique Houseboat for Sale: A Luxury 4-Bedroom Yacht House

Miami-based shipbuilding company Arkup has created the world’s first fully solar-powered, zero-emission floating residence. What the shipbuilder is calling the “next generation floating house,” 1 this yacht house looks like a two-story luxury modern home floating on the water.

Also known as a livable yacht, this is the first completed model that Arkup has revealed. Currently docked in Miami Beach, this 75-foot yacht house features four en suite bedrooms, four and a half baths, floor-to-ceiling windows, over 2,000 square feet of outdoor living space, and an adjustable swimming platform.

Take a look inside this floating yacht house and the interiors look similar to the inside of a Miami luxury condo. Contemporary design, ultra-modern furnishings, and plenty of light. This combined with the vessel’s durable and innovative yacht design makes this the optimal choice for off-the-grid living.

This yacht house is similar to a houseboat in that it doesn’t have to stay moored to a dock, it can navigate mild waters with no problem. The vessel has mostly cruised around Biscayne Bay and Miami’s canals. Four hydraulic steel pillars serve as anchors that can lift the vessel 15 feet above the water and withstand Category 4 hurricane conditions.

In addition to a 2,300 square foot roof covered in solar panels, the yacht house’s on-board rainwater collection and filtration system and a waste management system make it a self-sustaining, on-the-water residence. Registered as a recreational vessel, the lucky owner of this yacht house won’t have to pay HOA fees or property taxes and can avoid a number of city law constraints that regular homeowners can’t escape.


To Get This Houseboat for Sale, You’ll Have to Drop a Few Millions

So, how can you buy this exceptional yacht house and start your self-sufficient, zero-emission, off-the-grid life today? That’s the catch! Unless you’re a multimillionaire, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Until rising seas cause a boom in the construction of more yacht houses and houseboats for sale, no mortgage lender is willing to finance this type of residence. Arkup’s luxury yacht house is currently listed for $5,500,000.2


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