Dec 13, 2019

Why Do More Owners Want Sustainable Yachts?

Sustainable Yachts Gaining Popularity

More Owners Demand Sustainable Yachts & Here’s Why

Just a few days ago, climate activist Greta Thunberg completed her three-week crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.1 The 16-year-old gained worldwide attention for calling on global leaders to enact laws and regulations to address the problem of climate change. Climate change and global warming have been a major part of the public conversation for years now and environmental consciousness is only getting bigger.

The focus on sustainability and decreasing environmental impact has spread to the yachting industry with a growing number of yacht owners demanding sustainable yacht design and yacht builders working toward lowering their carbon footprint. As we come to the end of the decade, the Fort Lauderdale yacht management experts at Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. delve into what to expect from green yachting and why it is getting so popular.

Environmental Consciousness

In a recent interview conducted at the Cannes Yachting Festival, Azimut President Paola Vitelli expressed the company’s commitment to sustainable yacht design and decreasing its environmental impact, a sentiment that is being shared by more and more of the yachting industry.

“Eco-friendliness is a vital consideration and will become more important. I cruise the Med each summer and I must say that some of our beautiful coastline is not as pristine as it should be and the industry has a role to play in conserving the marine environment for future generations.” – Paolo Vitelli, President of Azimut-Benetti2

Yacht owners and buyers are looking for more green yachting options, and builders and yacht refurbishment professionals are scrambling to meet the demand. From ethically sourced building materials to renewable energy sources, yachts builds and yacht refits are being completed with sustainability in mind.

Improved Fuel Economy

While some brands are developing solar-powered vessels4, 5 and other unique eco-friendly boats,6 most builders are taking smaller steps in their innovations, focusing on reducing emissions and fuel usage.

“We have seen an interest in both diesel-electric and hybrid systems. Smart power management also helps reduce fuel. Plus, rumored and confirmed environmental restrictions in parts of the world may require zero-emission boats to enter their waters.” – Andrew LeBuhn, Broker at Caper & Nicholsons3

Hybrid propulsion systems are becoming increasingly popular not only due to the lower emissions they generate, but also because they improve the fuel economy of yachts. With fuel prices always fluctuating and international environmental regulations getting stricter, its no wonder more owners and builders are opting for hybrid power.

At Yacht Management South Florida, Inc., our yacht maintenance technicians have experience with all types of propulsion systems including diesel-electric hybrid ones. As the years have gone by, we have worked on yachts with hybrid power systems and other eco-friendly features.

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