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Yacht Interior Design Trends 2019

May 29, 2019

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Yacht Interior Design Trends 2019 To Look Out For

Yachts and superyachts are the height of luxury. Stunning machines that combine peak technical function with a carefree and extravagant lifestyle. Whimsical interior design ties everything up in a neat little bow. Linda Pinto, chairman of Paris-based firm Alberto Pinto Interior Design, says it best: “A yacht for a man is like a toy for a kid.” 1 A multimillion-dollar toy!

Due to advances in technology as well as shifting tastes, trends in yacht interior design have seen some significant changes over the years. What used to be constrained and muted, perhaps even a little bland, maritime design is now fully embracing bold choices.

All in the continued effort to create spaces that reflect owner’s truest desires. Here are some of the top yacht interior design trends that have emerged in 2019.


“I think there’s a trend at the moment for yachts, especially explorer yachts which allow owners to go around the world and really explore the oceans, to go for the more utilitarian and usable.” – Steve Gresham, Steve Gresham Design 2

Function continues to be the cornerstone of any yacht design, for both exteriors and interiors. So, despite yacht interior design’s recent bold direction, functionality remains king.

Whether owners go for ultra-modern yacht interior design or opt for more classic yacht interior design, the best yacht interior designers will always start by consulting the vessel’s general arrangement. This ensures nothing they do will negate the yacht’s ideal locations of rooms and good flow of crew and guests.

Modern Hard Edges & Contemporary Design

“Five years ago, all boats needed to have rounded edges, as did their interiors. But nowadays, you see more ‘modern’ hard edges. This is because stability technology has improved, meaning designers can make contemporary items of furniture without the fear of harming anyone on board during rough weather.” – Luiz de Basto, De Basto Designs 3

In previous years, when you stepped into a yacht, you really felt like you were on a boat. Curved walls, cramped spaces, and small windows. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially for those that prefer the maritime aesthetic.

However, owners are now craving more distinct designs and contemporary elements. High ceilings, modern hard edges, free-standing bathtubs, pool tables, and other features that were uncommon before are now becoming staples.

Improved stabilizing technology and other structural solutions have helped in a big way towards allowing yacht interiors to exhibit the same uniqueness and customization as onshore luxury homes. Now, with yacht interior design, anything is possible!

Bold Color & Patterns

 “Historically, yacht interiors were much the same – poorly thought out with bland, cream color palettes. Nowadays, superyacht interior design is becoming bolder than it was in the past, with designers creating more refined design schemes.” – Martin Kemp, Martin Kemp Design 4

This season is all about bringing in the color! Whether that’s using bright bold colors and pictorial textiles as accents, bringing in living coral pink (Pantone’s Color of the Year 4) or even red leather furniture, or painting your walls royal blue – the best yacht interior designers aren’t afraid to embrace color. Don’t be stuck in a world of beige and neutrals, a yacht’s interior should reflect the tropical paradises it will be cruising!

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