Apr 10, 2019

Yacht Maintenance Services You Should Get During Yard Period

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Yacht Yard Period Job List: Common Boatyard Services

With the Caribbean yachting season slowing down, now is an ideal time to schedule a yard period for your yacht. Regular yacht maintenance is necessary to ensure your vessel stays in top shape and maintains continued high performance.

No matter how new or well-designed your yacht is, due the harsh conditions of the sea, sooner or later, your boat will show some cracks. Whether that comes in the form of a barnacle-crusted hull or faulty onboard equipment, no yacht is one hundred percent infallible.

Yacht Yard Period Job List

Scheduling regular yard periods goes a long way toward preventing any potential breakdowns and their long-lasting negative effects. Consider investing in the following boatyard services which many yacht owners or captains typically schedule when their boats are in the yard.

1.      Boat Bottom Cleaning

Whenever your yacht is in the water, marine growth will be accumulating on the hull. There’s only so much anti-fouling paint can do to repel barnacles, algae, mussels, and other organisms from clinging onto the bottom of your boat. Excessive marine growth often leads to slower speeds and high fuel consumption. A quality boat bottom cleaning (whether it’s an underwater job or a haul out) can get rid of most if not all of that pesky growth.

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2.      Boat Hull Painting

If a professional cleaning job is not enough, you may need to schedule boat bottom painting during your yacht’s yard period. The anti-fouling properties of both marine paint and gel-finished surfaces slowly fade after extended exposure to saltwater and freshwater environments. A yacht period is the perfect opportunity to haul out your vessel and have your hull be covered in a new layer of anti-fouling paint. Protect your yacht from excessive marine growth and the typical wear and tear that comes with running it.

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3.      Engine & Generator Servicing

Your yacht’s engine and generators are perhaps the two most important pieces of equipment on board. Without these two things working, your vessel is dead in the water. These two machines are also constantly in use during the season, when your yacht is cruising the sea and guests are on board. Due to their critical role, getting your boat’s engine and generator serviced should be high priority during yard periods. At the very least, have them and other major systems professionally inspected.

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4.      Equipment Servicing

In addition to servicing your yacht’s engine and generator, there is other equipment which are heavily used when running the boat that you should consider servicing during a yard period. Watermakers and air conditioning systems should have top priority. To avoid hazardous lint buildup, washer and dryer units should also be serviced while your yacht is in the yard.

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