Dec 07, 2020

Best Explorer Yacht Destinations for Winter

whale in Antarctica

Best Expedition Yacht Destinations for Winter

Explorer yachts, also known as expedition yachts, are designed to travel longer distances and reach more secluded locales. In recent years, there has been a boom in the production of explorer yachts as more yacht owners want to visit more far-flung yacht destinations.1 Today’s long range expedition yachts and icebreaker yachts not only allow travel in more rugged and isolated areas, but they also provide an equal level of luxury to those on board.

Traditionally, yacht owners would take their vessels to warmer waters during the winter months. However, with explorer yachts, that isn’t your only option. For those who want something more out-of-the-box and for those that want to experience a snow-covered holiday season on their yacht, there are a number of yacht destinations you can visit. Check out this list of the best explorer yacht destinations you can visit during the winter season.


One of the most, if not the most, far out places to visit with your yacht, Antarctica is a great place to cruise during the winter months. This frozen continent should only be visited by explorer yachts with ice-breaking abilities. If you are fortunate to have that type of vessel, you can cruise Antarctica and enjoy seeing white mountains, awe-inspiring icebergs, and one of kind wildlife including penguins and whales.

The yachting season to Antarctica starts in late October and ends in late March with the best month being December and January. These are the warmer summer months of the southern hemisphere making Antarctica one of the best expedition yacht destinations.


White yachting season in Norway is typically in the spring and summer, it is still a great place to visit during the winter when everything will be covered in white and the coastal towns will be strung up with lights. The sights of steep rugged mountains and deep blue inlets in the country’s Wester Fjords are well worth the colder temperatures. Cruise around the coastal cities of Oslo and Bergen to experience local festivities and even go on a dog sled ride. Travel up north for spectacular views of arctic landscapes and wildlife. The winter months are also the best time to spot Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights.


A Russian winter may not seem like the most tantalizing experience at first, but spending the holiday season cruising the nation’s Baltic waters is well worth it, especially if you are craving a white Christmas. Saint Petersburg is always a lovely sight in winter with its snow-covered buildings and frozen trees lining streets. The light blue of the Winter Palace and the gold dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral provide pops of color. World-class shopping and local holiday festivities make it one of the best explorer yacht destinations to visit during winter.


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