Dec 18, 2020

Best Places To Live On A Boat

man on his liveaboard boatBest Places To Live On a Boat In The World

If you have invested in a liveaboard boat or yacht and your planning to make it your main residence, you will need to where you will be anchoring it. While one of the benefits of living on a boat is that you can travel practically anywhere you want. However, you will likely have to choose a place as your home base. A place where you can dock your boat and restock on provisions. The list below is here to give you a better idea of where to live on a boat. From well known liveaboard anchorages like The Bahamas and San Diego to less publicized boating areas, we go over some of the best places to live on a boat in the world.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the go-to locations for private yachts as well as yacht charters. It is also a great place to base your liveaboard boat from. In addition to warm temperatures, turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and plenty of fishing opportunities, the Bahamas also has an incredibly active boating culture and world-class marinas to dock at. Socialize by joining one of the many yacht clubs dotted throughout the islands. Crave peace quiet? You can cruise to the nation’s more isolated islands. The tropical sights are just as nice wherever you go.   

Lake of The Ozarks

The protected nature of lakes makes them some of the best places to live on a boat. The Lake of Ozarks in Missouri is a huge body of water at around 55,000 square acres. It has serpentine like shape and features miles of coastline. The Ozarks hosts an active boating community. In fact, thousands of boats are often seen in the water during the peak season months. Off-season is less crowded and more peaceful, but the community of boaters, friendly residents, and local businesses make it great place to live in.

San Diego, California

Looking to stay on the west coast of the United states? San Diego is the place to be if you are a boater, especially if you are a boater that is living on their yacht. Another popular spot for liveaboard boats and yachts, there are plenty of first-class marina to choose from in this Californian coastal city. The city itself offers friendly neighbors, a multitude of culture, great foods, and consistent nice weather.

Mazatlán, Mexico

The city has an entire Marina District offering plenty of anchorage for all types of vessels including long-term liveaboard yachts. The main marine has 428 slips that accommodate boats up to 120 feet! An established resort city, Mazatlán has numerous luxury amenities available to visitors and residents alike. Live here and enjoy miles of beaches, an exciting boardwalk, historical attractions, and plenty of fine dining establishments. Mazatlán is the perfect place if you want to enjoy South America and a Pacific sunset.


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