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Mediterranean Countries Open For Tourism & Yachts

Jul 14, 2020


Mediterranean Countries Open For Tourism & Yachts Now

The global coronavirus pandemic forced many countries in Europe to close their borders to ensure the safety of their residents. This quick response along with other preventative measures has helped to shift the epicenter of the outbreak away from Europe and significantly decrease the number of COVID-19 cases in numerous countries.

Some countries have such low COVID-19 counts that they are reopening for international tourism. Europe reopening is great news for private yacht owners and charter guests looking to spend the remaining summer months in the Mediterranean Sea. Here are some Mediterranean countries open for tourism and yachts.

Montenegro, Croatia, Malta, and Tunisia are among the top European countries with the lowest number of active COVID-19 cases. A recent data set compiled by the John Hopkins Trust showed Croatia had just four active cases and Tunisia had five active cases.[1] Montenegro has labeled itself as Europe’s first coronavirus-free country.


“The battle with such a vicious virus has been won and Montenegro now becomes the first coronavirus-free country in Europe.” – Dusko Markovic, Montenegro’s Prime Minister[2]

On June 1st, Montenegro removed quarantine requirements for yachts and opened its borders to visitors from countries with fewer than 25 people infected per 100,000 inhabitants.


Croatia became one of the first European countries open for tourism with private and charter yachts allowed in the country starting in May.

“A modest recovery could start with these three targeted areas that could offer some isolation and privacy. We are also looking to allow foreigners who have properties or yachts in Croatia to come here.” – Gari Cappelli, Croatia’s Tourism Minister[3]

In the beginning of July, Croatia opened its borders for all EU and Schengen as well as American tourists.[4] With its reopening, the country effectively ignore the EU’s ban on American travelers though its still requires negative COVID tests from them.


After a three-month national lockdown and the pandemic contained, Tunisia reopened its borders on June 27th to international tourists including Americans.[5] In hopes to revive it’s tourism industry, the country reopened its land, air, and sea borders, allowing private yachts and yacht charters back into its ports.

“Come and enjoy our beaches, our seas, our beautiful sun, our gastronomy, our history, our heritage. We provide you with the best conditions and we guarantee the best health precautions.” – Mohamed Ali Toumi, Tunisia’s Minister of Tourism[6]


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