Sep 15, 2020

Nautical Costume Ideas For Halloween

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Nautical Themed Costumes For Halloween

Halloween is coming up and this year’s celebrations should be special. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many yacht owners and yachties are only know returning to the water and tropical locales they were blocked from earlier in the year. To celebrate this return to the ocean, how about planning a nautical themed Halloween party? Here are some nautical costume ideas you, your guests, and your crew can rock out this All Hallow’s Eve!


Retro Sailors

There’s something classic about a red, white, and blue color scheme. Dressing up as retro-inspired sailors will achieve that timeless look. It’s all hands ondeck with these nautical Halloween costumes. Men can wear white or navy-blue sailor uniforms, finished off with a sailor hat and sailor scarf. Women can wear white or navy-blue sailor-style dresses or wide leg jeans with striped shirts. For a more pinup look, go with a sailor-style bodysuit or sailor shirt with high waisted shorts.


If you want less of a Fourth of July look, but still want classic nautical Halloween costumes, pirates are the way to go. Popular for themed charter parties, a pirate-themed party allows you to be creative. While you can easily buy a Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook costume from your local party supply store, creating your own pirate outfit isn’t difficult at all. Flowing shirts, baggy pants, thick belts, and tall boots is all you need. Corsets and long coats are easy Amazon purchases.


The seas have always inspired countless stories and myths. From mermaids to monsters, there are plenty of nautical costume ideas you can up with if the theme of your Halloween party is ocean mythology. Mermaids and sirens are great nautical themed costumes for both men and women, all you need are swimsuit tops, colorful wigs, and shiny skirts or sarongs. Ocean deities like Poseidon and Amphitrite are also a fun choice! Finish your colorful Greek robes with a golden triton and DIY zip tie hallow.


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