Apr 15, 2020

The Bahamas Coronavirus Nationwide Lockdown: What You Need to Know

Bahamas overhead shot

The outbreak of the COVID-19 disease is an international pandemic affecting nations all over the globe. Unfortunately, the paradises of the world are not immune to its effects. On March 15, the Bahamas confirmed its first positive case of COVID-19.1 The small nation’s government responded quickly to this troubling news.

On March 20, the Bahamian government issued a lockdown order which included the closure of nonessential businesses and a curfew from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. On March 23, the Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced a 24-hour curfew and border shutdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19.2 This nationwide shutdown involved the following:

  • All airports closed to international and regional flights
  • All seaports closed to regional and international traffic
  • No visitors permitted to enter or leave the nation
  • All public beaches and public roads closed

The prime minister urged citizens to stay at home and take this health crisis seriously. He stressed the need for Bahamians to do their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Originally, the shutdown was to remain in effect until March 31. However, the cases of COVID-19 in the Bahamas increased. As of April 7, there have been 33 confirmed cases of the respiratory illness in the country with a total number of six deaths.3 Unsurprisingly, the Bahamas coronavirus shutdown has been extended.

How Long Will the Nationwide Lockdown Last?

On April 6, the prime minister announced the nationwide lockdown was going to be extended to April 27. Throughout the month of April, the Bahamas will undergo three periods of full lockdown. 

  • Wednesday, April 8 (9 p.m.) – Tuesday, April 14 (5 a.m.)
  • Friday, April 17 (9 p.m.) – Monday, April 20 (5 a.m.)
  • Friday, April 24 (9 p.m.) – Monday, April 27 (5 a.m.)

During these lockdown periods, all nonessential businesses and service providers will be closed.4 Grocery stores will also be forced to close. Only hospitals, hotels with guests, law enforcement, and essential utility personnel will not be affected by these shutdown restrictions.

Bahamas Coronavirus and the Yachting Industry

The pandemic and these lockdowns are sure to have a major effect on the yachting industry and the Caribbean yacht season in particular. The nationwide lockdowns will be preventing private yachts from coming in or out of the Bahamas at least until the end of April. Marinas throughout the islands are closed and plenty of excursions and charters have been postponed.

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