May 13, 2020

What to Do With Your Yacht During COVID-19

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What to Do With Your Yacht During COVID-19

In some sense, the global coronavirus outbreak has caused the whole world to be put on pause. Like all other industries, the yachting industry has been affected by COVID-19 and its resulting quarantine and lockdown measures. Scheduled yacht charters have been delayed and the yachting season has been stalled.

With the numerous Caribbean nations including the Bahamas on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many yachts are stuck in Florida waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted. Until Caribbean travel restrictions are relaxed, here is what to do with your yacht during COVID-19.

Provide Dockside Care

If you are not using your vessel during this coronavirus lockdown, it is probably sitting at a dock or marina. Even while not in use, regular yacht maintenance is still an important part of successful yacht ownership. Now is a perfect time to schedule dockside yacht service for your boat. Yacht Management South Florida offers monthly maintenance programs and dockside care for boats docked anywhere in South Florida. Our programs include weekly washdowns, dockside boat cleaning, bottom cleanings, interior cleaning, and system checks. These dockside services ensure you yacht stays in good condition and is ready to go out for a cruise at a moment’s notice.

Go On a Local Excursion

While we are all being encouraged to stay at home, social distancing rules do not stop you from taking your yacht out for a short distance intercoastal cruise to some local destinations. During the COVID-19 lockdown, you and those you have been quarantining with like your immediate family can stay on board your yacht for a mini excursion. Cruise or anchor somewhere local such as a sandbar beach, Key Biscayne, or other nearby Keys in South Florida. It may not be the Bahamas, but it is still a fun and safe way to get out of the house and work on your suntan!

Finish That To-Do List

Coronavirus has provided a rare opportunity for yacht owners or crew to get some work done on their yachts. Usually, packed schedules and yacht charters one after the other make it almost impossible for major maintenance projects, yacht refits, or even minor repairs to get completed. Now there is plenty of time to get things done on your vessel that you have always planned on doing.

Yacht Management South Florida can help you get started on your yacht’s to-do list. At our full-service boatyard in Fort Lauderdale, our certified technicians can complete all those miscellaneous repairs and projects you’ve never been able to do until now. Need to replace a fuel tank or fix a toilet? Now is the perfect time to do it!

Our superyacht management and maintenance company is open and fully functional. Everyone in our team is following CDC guidelines on sanitation and protection. Office staff and technicians are wearing masks and washing their hand regularly. We are committed to keeping our employees and customers safe while providing much needed maintenance and repair work.

Yacht Management South Florida, Inc. is a Fort Lauderdale yacht management company specializing in complete yacht care. Our team of yacht managers and technicians work together to ensure stress-free yacht ownership to all our clients. Contact us or call (954) 941-6447 today to schedule maintenance for your yacht!

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