Aug 16, 2021

4 Different Types of Sportfish Yachts Explained

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At our South Florida marina, we have seen and serviced a wide of vessels. Finding the perfect boat is no easy task. With so many different boat types, styles, and maritime uses, it can be difficult to know which vessel is the best one for you. Our Fort Lauderdale yacht management team explains four different types of sportfishing yachts so you can, with confidence, find the best one for your boating needs. 

Sportfish Yacht

A sportfish yacht is an exceptional boat for the maritime fisherman as it has a large cockpit created for comfortable fishing and plenty of room. A good sportfish yacht is designed for fishing storage, including rods, boats, tackle, and a place to store the days' catch. Our dedicated yacht managers consider this type of sportfish yacht specifically designed for fishing. 

With a higher performance level better for rough seas than the average motor yacht, fishing connoisseurs can comfortably get in and out of the fishing ground as quickly as possible or having the capabilities for keeping pace with running down that huge catch of the day. 

Express Sportfish Yacht

Express sportfish yachts are easy to maneuver through the water, with no bridge deck ladders to contend with. The engine room is easily accessed under the helm decks, and the helm itself is just a few feet away from the cockpit. Express Sportfish yachts easily transition from captain to fisherman and are considerably more stable on the water. 

Express sportfish yachts are exceptionally faster and larger than a Sportfish yacht, providing an advantage in comfort. Our team of yacht concierge providers believes that it is a more comfortable yacht for those who plan on going on long fishing trips out at sea. 

Flybridge Sportfish Yacht

A flybridge sportfish yacht is designed for the avid fisherman and includes an open deck directly above the cabin roof bridge. A flybridge sportfish yacht also contains a duplicate set of navigation equipment and provides an opportunity to see everything from an elevated standpoint. 

Some exceptional advantages of a flybridge sportfish yacht are the excess space for hosting and the excellent visibility above the flybridge. It is a great yacht for both the avid fisherman and those who wish to cruise and use their boat for leisure purposes.

Convertible Yacht

A convertible yacht is exactly what it sounds like. Depending on the captain's needs, one can convert a Sportfish yacht to fishing or to a cruising yacht. The most common convertible yacht-style found at our boatyard is a cabin boat that includes a flybridge. This yacht is the perfect balance between a fishing yacht and a yacht made for leisure activities with exceptional versatility. 

Servicing a Sportfish Yacht in Fort Lauderdale 

At Yacht Management, we service a wide range of different types of Sportfish yachts, including the above four different yacht types. We offer exceptional Fort Lauderdale yacht restoration services as well as top-rated yacht maintenance on a wide range of maritime vessels. 

Contact us today and get started and take advantage of our complete yacht management in Fort Lauderdaleso you can ensure your yacht is running at its peak performance when out on fishing trips or leisure boating adventures! 

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