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5 Benefits of Installing Underwater LED Boat Lights

Sep 03, 2021

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Over the past few years, there has been piqued interest by boaters and yacht owners who are installing underwater LED lights on their vessels. As the technology within the boating industry has become more advanced, LED lights have become the new staple for most maritime vessels. At Yacht Management, a South Florida yacht maintenance company, we have helped a wide range of our boat owners pick the right waterproof boat lights that best accentuate their vessels. Here we share our top 5 benefits of installing underwater LED boat lights.

After all, what boat owner wouldn’t want to flip a switch and see their yacht sitting on a bright array of colors with an entire world below! 

A Brighter Vessel 

Installing underwater LED lights on a boat not only makes your vessel brighter but can also have huge benefits when it comes to fishing at night. Using fishing boat lights helps fishermen spot fish in the dark and murky waters. Depending on the color yacht and fishing boat owners choose to install, the LED lights can even help attract small and larger fish toward your vessel. 

Aside from allowing you to enjoy the marine life below, having a brighter vessel also helps when navigating through cloudy or muddy waters. 

Long-Lasting Sustainability 

Installing underwater LED lights on a boat is much different than installing the other fluorescent boat lights available. LED lights have a long last shelf life, are more efficient, and are considered a more cost-effective solution to finding underwater boat lights. With a high resistance against shock and heavy impacts, boat owners can rest assured, knowing that through tidal waves and rough waters, their LED boat lights will manage seamlessly. 


Installing underwater LED lights on a yacht also offers plenty of versatility. LED lights are relatively small and can conveniently fit in most places giving yacht owners the ability to place them anywhere throughout their maritime vessel. Whether they choose to go on the interior, exterior, or underwater parts of the vessel, their small size is perfect and convenient for lighting any boat. 

Easily Controlled 

Another benefit of installing underwater LED lights on a boat is that most underwater boat lights can be easily controlled via remote control or a mobile app. The functionality of LED lights on a boat is astounding as they can be connected through wi-fi onboard and can change colors depending on your mood or aesthetic for the trip.

Being able to change the colors of the lights is also a huge benefit when hosting people on your vessel. Guests can enjoy themselves more and the lighting while onboard. 

Finding Bait and Fish 

Depending on the color of the LED lights installed on a fishing boat, it can actually help attract bait and fish. Not only does it attract fish, but it provides better visibility of certain depths below the ocean to spot them at night. 

With different colors and wavelengths available, you can attract baitfish, shrimp, plankton, and other microorganisms that can help you reel in a much larger fish. 

Best Color for Underwater Boat Lights 

If you are a fisherman looking to install underwater LED lights on a boat, our South Florida marinarecommends combining various light colors such as blue, green, and white to help attract fish toward your vessel. This light combination can help guide shrimp and other zooplanktons toward your boat and, in turn, attract larger fish. 

If you plan to install exterior lights above the boat's waterline, we recommend harnessing the power of white light to help repel bugs. For boat owners who normally find themselves in murky waters, try white and green lights for better visibility below cloudy or dark waters. 

South Florida, LED Underwater Boat Light Installation 

If you are considering installing underwater LED lights on a boat, be sure to get in touch with our South Florida yacht management company for help. We have helped many happy boat owners install underwater lights on their vessels and even offer a wide variety of yacht maintenance services to ensure your yacht is running at its finest performance. 

Located right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, we offer everything you need, from boat bottom cleaning services to gelcoat refinishing. Contact us today to learn more about our Fort Lauderdale boatyard and get started scheduling your next boat haul painting in South Florida

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