Aug 04, 2021

Boat Beehive Removal in South Florida

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There is nothing worse than having unwanted marine bugs and pests aboard your vessel. While boat pest control can be an aggravating part of owning a boat, it does happen. Most boat enthusiasts would be surprised to hear that boat beehive removal services are more common in boatyards than you’d think. 

At our Fort Lauderdale yacht management company, we have seen our fair share of beehives on boats and have successfully removed them from boats and yachts we have serviced at our South Florida marina. We recently helped one of our clients remove a huge bee colony from their Sportfish’s tuna tower. We even shared it on our Yacht Management Instagram

How to Prevent Bees From Colonizing Boats? 

It is most common to find bees creating colonies on boats during swarm season when the Florida weather provides bees the opportunity to build a hive. Swarm season is expected to begin between June and August in South Florida. Bees enjoy shady areas and will often create a beehive on an area on the exterior of a vessel with these suitable conditions. 

While there is no way to prevent bees from scouting out your maritime vessel, it is important to note that the best practice for beehive removal on board your vessel, is to have your yacht manager or boatyard contact their trusted, professional beekeepers to remove the hive. Our number one boat safety tip for boat beehive removal is not to attempt to remove the hive yourself! 

Beehive Infestation on Your Boat - What to Do 

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If you happen to find a beehive on your boat, it is imperative to have boat beehive removal services to ensure this does not turn into a larger issue later on. Bees will not leave on their own, but instead, they will find other areas near their hive to expand. 

Rather than having your bee swarm turn into a bee infestation on your vessel, contact our team of dedicated yacht managers to help you safely and professionally remove and protect the bees and yourself.

Vessel Beehive Removal Services in Fort Lauderdale 

At Yacht Management, our team of experienced professionals will help you coordinate and hire the right professionals to remove and relocate your unwanted beehive. If you find yourself with bees on your boat, ‘bee’ sure to contact us and schedule pest control for boats! It is extremely important to hire professional boat pest control to come and safely take care of the beehive and the bees on your boat. 

We offer a wide range of yacht management services in South Florida, including top-rated yacht concierge services, yacht maintenance, and Bahamas yacht services. Give us a call at (954) 941 - 6447 to schedule your boat haul-out and ask about our Fort Lauderdale yacht restoration

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