Jul 20, 2021

How Often Do You Need to Varnish a Boat Deck

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Marine varnish is a superb finish coating that is used to protect your wooden boat deck against sun, rain, wind, sea spray, UV rays, and chemicals. Varnishing products sold as marine or spar varnishes typically contain a mix of oil, solvent, resin, ultra-violet additives, and drying agents. At our South Florida yacht management company, we offer expert-level quality marine varnish to help protect your maritime vessel from the dangers of wear and tear. Our team of marine experts begins varnishing a boat by removing any old varnish, sanding the teak deck, and applying multiple coats of varnish until the service is flush, level, and looks excellent. 


The key to teak varnishing services is maintaining their upkeep. But how often do you need to varnish a boat deck?  Depending on the type of varnish used, you may have to varnish a boat deck every two to three years. Varnish finishes on timber that have been primed with CPES can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years with the proper maritime maintenance. 

The Secret to Varnishing a Boat: Oil Finish vs. Regular Varnish


Maritime finishes require regular upkeep and replacement. When varnishing a boat deck with an oil finish, boat owners can expect it to last a few months. With standard varnish on a boat deck, you can expect anywhere from two to three years before it needs to be re-varnished. For a long-lasting solution, we recommend using a combination of epoxy and varnish on a boat deck. 


Keep in mind that more coats of finish mean a more durable surface. Performing maintenance every year by applying coats of varnish or oil is imperative to the upkeep of every boat. Maintaining the finish frequently prevents damage and extra work and will make the wood on your boat shine like never before. 

What Is the Best Marine Varnish 

To varnish a boat deck, you will need a product that is durable, long-lasting, and easy to apply. With a high-quality maritime varnish, you can provide exceptional protection against sunlight, water, sea, spray, and chemicals for your yacht or vessel. 


A good marine varnish or spar varnish provides exceptional assistance in safeguarding the wood materials on your vessel. To help you find the best marine varnish for your boat, here is our complete guide to the best varnish based on price point, durability, features, and strength. 

  1. Rust-Oleum 207008 Marine Spar Varnish 
  2. TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish, High Gloss and Matte Finish for Wood, Boats, Outdoor Furniture
  3. Old Master 92304 Spar Marine Varnish, Satin 
  4. Minwax 43210000 Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear 
  5. Rust-Oleum Corporation Zinsser 00903 Clear Wood Preservative 

Boat Varnishing in South Florida

Make sure you get your boat deck varnished by our professional South Florida yacht maintenance team. We can varnish a boat deck, paint a yacht hull, and so much more! We offer a wide range of yacht management services in Fort Lauderdale, from financial management to dockside services and programs that work best for you and your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn about our services and get the best varnish for your boat deck. When it comes to the maintenance and care of your maritime vessel, come to the professionals at Yacht Management.


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