May 05, 2021

Must-Have Water Toys for Yachts & Watercrafts

Summer is right around the corner, and at Yacht Management, that means open water, sunny skies, and the chances at getting a glimpse at some of the beautiful marine life South Florida has to offer. Now for all you thrill-seekers out there looking for extra fun on their watercrafts this summer, here are some must-have water toys for yachts and watercraft that you will need before raising your anchor for a fun day on the Atlantic Ocean. 

While inflatable slides and jet skis are always must-have water toys to have onboard, we have seen that more yachts and luxury boat charters are getting creative with cool yacht gadgets to excite every passenger.


Seabob Electric Watercraft 

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One of the must-have toys for yachts this year is the Seabob electric watercraft. The Seabob is an electric watercraft and luxury sea toy with high-performance driving pleasure. Charter guests can experience the vast open spaces of the Atlantic Ocean with a feeling of pure freedom while driving underwater. 


Inflatable Swimming Sea Pool 

Yacht owners have been including inflatable sea pools as a fun, secure way to keep children and adults safe while swimming. Inflatable pools provide a safe space to enjoy the water this summer while keeping away from jellyfishes and unwanted sea creatures when out at sea. It is a great way to protect passengers from getting swept away from currents, and it even includes a relaxing sunbed for incredible relaxation. This cool yacht gadget is easy to assemble, taking up little to no space on board. It’s no wonder that the inflatable swimming sea pool is at the top of our list of the best water toys for yachts and watercraft.


Yacht Slide Water Toy 

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Another popular water toy for yachts on that market is waterslides. It seems like every yacht owner has the perfect custom-made waterslide fabricated to fit their yacht. Yacht slides are a playful watercraft toy that offers your guests an exceptionally fun day at sea. With the wide range of popular yacht slide designs to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Add it to an inflatable sea pool, and your yacht will be the talk of the marina! 


Electric Powered Surfboards

Electric surfboards have become a huge staple water toy aboard yachts. Powered by high-performing powerful electric motors, they offer surfers the ability to surf anywhere. If there aren’t any waves as you cruise through the ocean, you can still have fun with this super watercraft toy. We guarantee your passengers will have a blast as they zip through the water. 


Yacht Management Services in South Florida 

After a fun day in the sun enjoying these incredible water toys for yachts and watercraft, be sure to drop off your boat at our South Florida marina. We specialize in complete yacht care, including hull painting and boat bottom cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

Our certified yacht technicians provide exceptional dockside assistance as well as yacht restoration services. To sign up for our management program, learn more about our boat maintenance services, or schedule a haul-out from our Fort Lauderdale boatyard, contact us today! 

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